• Quinoa
  • Paprika
  • Bell Peppers
  • Spicy Peppers
  • Beans
  • Salads
  • Snaks and Dips!!!

Our Process

We work with associated growers and together we harvest the best products to take them directly to your table. We work for your health!

Our Products

Our Products:

We grow our own crops! we have an operation in South America that gives us the best crops in counter season. ​​

We have industrial and consumer goods in our product range, look at what we have.. so far...

From our back yard ... all the way to your Supermarket!

Our commitment is to bring the best of our crops to your table. In such a way that it gets as directly as possible to you from us. We care for these crops for HUNDREDS of days and we want you to get them at their best! 

Organic Crops? SURE! that is what we do!

You want tastier than healthier? NO worries! we have some suggestions! every now and them we crave for NOT healthy! .. ONLY now and then...

We want a healthy world!!

The best foods for your health!!

We have numerous ancestral foods to offer that will positively impact your eating habits and your health. We are producing a very interesting line of foods that will create you a new problem: "Darn! which will I eat today!!"  We are very satisfied with the products we are developing. We will make every occasion a healthy occasion. !

We develop products in the USA, we grow unique raw materials in our fields in South America and we cook and pack our products in the USA.