Saponin has to be washed away from the quinoa grain in order to prepare it for human consumption. Once that is done... our Quinoa is shipped in bulk to the USA. and we use it here to be packed for the consumer or to prepare other, ready to eat products. 

​We only bring to the US those ingredients that we can not source locally in order to make our products. It is not rocket science! BUT every step has to be done right to get you the best quality products!

We select which crops to grow in our land and agree with fellow farmers what they will grow for us. We normally pre arrange conditions with them and we finance all their crops or we enter a negotiation at the end of the crop cycle to move their inventory into our storage.

Once we pick our crops we prepare them for shipment.

FOR example: The quinoa grain comes with a natural protection against bugs (nature's bullet proof vest) this is a bitter substance called Saponin.

The process involves hundreds (if not thousands) of people in direct and indirect services and benefits fellow farmers, transport services, USA based manufacturing, US distribution, retail and MOST IMPORTANT! it benefits the consumer. We reach them with an integrated production process from the crops to the supermarket shelf that guarantees an excellent product at a very reasonable cost. 

​We go to great lengths to get the best for our consumers. We strive to provide you with the best we grow.

We select the crops we are going to grow based on our clients needs and in the consumer packed goods we make for ourselves estimating the area we will need based on past yields and the current year weather conditions (a lot of science and a bit of luck). 

​Most crops take between 3 to 5 months to go from sowing the seeds to have product ready for production. 

Our Crop to product process.

...Keep it simple...