Unique Peruvian Foods

We have several products in development! from the "oh my god this tastes insanely good!" to the "I'll never be able to eat anything else!!" We'll keep you posted on our development!!

HOT ... OMG! SO HOT Peppers

From the mild and friendly peppers to the weapons grade - atomic meltdown peppers... off the chart hot... your move.

Our Products ... So far!

We have been growing Paprika for good 15 years! we sell direct retail grade Paprika as well as ground for ingredients. Get in touch for any inquiry.

Bell Peppers
Cooking would be dull without them! we also have a very long tradition of growing and selling bell peppers.

White Organic Quinoa
From the beautiful Peruvian highlands we bring you delicious and nutritious White Quinoa. Good food for good eating habits.

Red Organic Quinoa
Put some color in your life! follow our simple recipes on the quinoa packs and do something fun and healthy for you or the whole family! 

We have selected beans in bulk and in consumer packaging. Black Eye, Peruvian, Black beans... all with the highest quality!
Quinoa Mixes
Tri-color Quinoa or Red-White Blend! Invite friends over and have fun! keep everyone's waist line on track with a healthy dip... recipes comping soon!